"Coach... What are your thoughts on punching puppies in the throat?"

The dog days of summer are almost over and all the talk will finally subside to make way for actual football. What better way to kick off fall practice than to take a game-by-game look at Alabama’s 2011 schedule? We won’t be splitting the atom or analyzing the depth chart by any means. It’s just another opportunity for many ‘Bama fans to see a light at the end of a tunnel that’s been void of light since April 27.

Go ahead Tide fans. Put on your crimson colored glasses and look into the future to see what it’s going to take for Nick Saban to hoist the crystal football and be number one once again.

**The crystal football trophy will not be for sale on this site if won by Alabama**

2011 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Schedule

09/03/11 Kent State – The healing can officially begin for Tide fans devastated by the April tornadoes. Bama wins 52-0

09/10/11 at Penn State – Penn State had no answer for Bama’s swarming defense in ’10. More experience at QB and being at home won’t help Joe Pa. Bama 28-9

09/17/11 North Texas – The Mean Green make plays… in warm-ups. Bama names its score and wins, 44-3

09/24/11 Arkansas – The team that has lost this game has never won the West (Ark represented West in ’02, but Bama was on probation). Game of the season. Bama 51-41 – Yeah, yeah. I know. ‘Bama’s defense is way too tough to give up 41 and yadda yadda blee bloo. It’s going to be crazy as a mug. Be ready.

10/01/11 at Florida – Tide catches a break playing the Gators in Gainesville in Will Muschamp’s first season as head coach. Not an easy win, though. Ugly gets it done, 20-14

10/08/11 Vanderbilt – Vandy has a new coach in James Franklin, but excitement doesn’t win football games. Bama 45-13

10/15/11 at Ole Miss – The biggest trap game for the Tide every other season is the trip to Oxford. Saban remains > Nutt. Tide wins 31-14

10/22/11 Tennessee – The Vols will be the surprise team in the East and will decide the East Champion, but one of their three SEC loses come today. Bama 28-17

10/29/11 Open Date – The open date couldn’t come at a better time. Sets up perfectly for a run at 2nd BCS Championship in three years.

11/05/11 LSU – Both teams come off a bye week for what may be a preview of the first BCS Championship game with two teams from the same conference. Bama wins 15-11

11/12/11 at Mississippi State – Dan Mullen has these Bulldogs pumped and the fans feel good about an upset. Bulldogs skip the blackout and Bama wins 38-13

11/19/11 Georgia Southern – See Open Date comments

11/26/11 at Auburn – Nothing will be better than life getting back to normal in Alabama so these two can hate each other again. R-E-V-E-N-G-E. Bama 49-21 – I know, I know. There’s no way Alabama will allow 21 points to Auburn in this game. It could be garbage-time points – or people would have called me crazy had I written this time last year that ‘Bama will blow opportunity after opportunity to be ahead of Auburn 38-0 at the half in last year’s Iron Bowl, but could only muster a 24-3 lead and would lose 28-27. Football died to me at 5:15 PM on the Friday after Thanksgiving last year. Geez. Stop forcing me to go back to that game again. It’s 2011!!! I’m a man!!! I’m 34!!!!

12/03/11 SEC Championship – **SPOILER ALERT** Bama plays Georgia in Atlanta and wins 2nd SEC title in three years 27-13

The BCS Championship game will more than likely involve Oklahoma since the Sooners’ only challenge the entire season is a Texas team whose Longhorns seem to be dulling a bit. However, I think LSU’s strength of schedule will push voters and the computers to select LSU as the second ranked team in the BCS. LSU has home-field advantage in Super Dome in New Orleans. A classic ensues. Alabama cannot be denied, however, and Nick Saban stands with his crimson-clad team hoisting his third crystal football on the same field he hoisted his first. He is also surrounded by the same fans that watched him win the first, only this time they use a new finger to let him know that he’s number one once again.