Before fall practice even starts, reported this afternoon that UT true freshman Devrin Young has suffered a collarbone injury in workouts and could miss anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Young is a 5-foot-9, 175-pound jitterbug from Knoxville Bearden High School who was expected to return kicks and punts for the Vols this season. Early indications were that he also would be utilized on offense, trying to get his speed and quickness into space. Instead, he’ll be rehabbing an injury for the next few weeks. That may not sound too bad — that a player who **may** be in line to be a special teams weapon **may** miss a month — but when the Vols were epically bad … historically bad … returning punts last season, this is disastrous news.

By the way, this happens to the Vols every year. Though this isn’t quite catastrophic-level injury news, practice hasn’t even begun. Just watch in the next few weeks as UT loses several key players to season-ending or long-term injuries. It never fails. Go Vols!