Alabama and LSU claimed their stakes as the top two teams in the country this past Saturday with impressive wins over ranked opponents. Any voter that has Oklahoma over either of these two are fooling themselves. Comments on my ballot after the jump…


  • LSU goes on the road against a quality team, proceeds to give up over 500 yards of offense and still wins by 26 points. That should be an indication of the talent gap that exists between LSU and 97% of the teams out there. I thought West Virginia did a good job of taking LSU’s defensive line out of the game, which I didn’t think was possible. WVU used tempo and throwing the ball just about every single down to tire out the Tigers’ line. They got zero pressure in the second half. But the problem with throwing the ball 60+ times against a secondary as talented as LSU’s is that you’re going to mess up a few times and LSU has the athletes to make you pay for it, and they did. The kickoff return for a TD was the play of the game, but man, LSU’s punter had better been given a game ball, too. What was it, four or five punts downed inside the ten? Like their defense needs the extra help.
  • Unlike the LSU-WVU box score, the Bama-Arkansas one actually reflected what took place on the field. Bama dominated just about every way possible. This game had a ’08 Clemson-’09 Virginia Tech and ’09 Georgia games feel to it.
  • Oklahoma State jumps up four because of an impressive come-from-behind win over a good Texas A&M team on the road.
  • Clemson makes the climb all the way into the Top Ten, and really, if I ranked solely on resumé, they would be higher, but we’ve seen these Tigers get off to fast starts before only to fade in November so I’ll wait to see what they do at Virginia Tech before I get too carried away.
  • Not really sure the Gators are Top Ten material, but I definitely wasn’t going to put the Gamecocks there.
  • Probably dinged FSU and West Virginia a little too much.
  • Didn’t think I’d ever see the day where I ranked Illinois, but their win over Arizona State looks pretty good after the thrashing the Sun Devils put on Kiffin. ASU is back in after a week hiatus following said loss to Illinois.
  • South Florida is still probably too high.
  • Hellllooooo, Yellow Jackets.