I’m actually getting my ballot in time to get feedback from you guys. Thoughts are after the jump.

  • No movement up top. That’ll change this week with the Sooners traveling to Tallahassee. LSU holds on to the top spot by still having the best pelt on its wall. Wisconsin and Michigan State look to be the class of the B1g Ten. Somehow the Spartans are an early underdog to a Notre Dame team whose offense plays hot potato in the red zone and their defense…oh man their defense. That had to be the worst defensive performance I’ve seen in a quarter of football. They let Denard Robinson throw what could best be described as lousy punts and sure they picked a couple of them off, but any decent secondary would’ve grown hoarse from hollering “Oskie!” so many times.
  • Teams 7-10 beat up on patsies with Nebraska needing a big 4th quarter to put distance between them and Fresno State.
  • Oklahoma State’s big jump has about as much to do with me probably having them underrated last week as it does with them playing two good quarters against an average Arizona team. The Pokes just feel like a poor man’s Arkansas to me. Or maybe an energy billionaire’s Tulsa. Tomato. To-mah-to.
  • Conversely, VT’s drop is another correction from last week. Probably had them a tad high.
  • If South Carolina had played Auburn this week, the game would still be going on and be in the 47th overtime.
  • The bottom 9 teams or so could be shuffled and spit out in any order. Arizona State tops that list because they beat a team I had ranked last week and because they were my preseason “sleeper” to challenge Oregon in the Pac-12.