Saturday was awesome for a half. I wasn’t sure of a victory at any point Saturday, but I liked the way we competed in the first half in that hostile environment. 6-6 at the half…and we’ll stop there. Now on to the good, bad and ugly.

The Good

Mike Palardy had his best game ever as a Vol. He hit UT’s longest field goal in 15 years, and he had an awesome fake punt to Anthony Anderson.  Alabama was giving up an average of 38 yards per game on the ground. UT got 92. Compared to where we were a few weeks ago…amazing. Trent Richardson had been gashing people all year. He looked good Saturday, but not amazing as he had looked all year.

I also thought many of the coaching moves were good. Alex Bullard appeared to do well at center. I thought all of the 4th down calls were right, even if they didn’t work out. I’ll hold judgement on Justin Worley’s redshirt until November.

The Bad

Man, our secondary is bad. We don’t get great pressure on the opposing quarterback, but we get burned constantly back there. Tennessee also turned the ball over too much.  Tennessee had to play a perfect game to beat Alabama. Too many false starts, and too many turnovers.

The Ugly

The entire second half was pretty ugly. False starts and turnovers are controllable. Getting drilled by superior talent isn’t. We have a long way to go still Vol fans.