2012 Vanderbilt Preview

Biggest Loss
Chris Marve- Linebacker, Marve led the Commodores in tackles, he also had three sacks, and an interception. Speaking purely from a Tennessee standpoint, it seemed like Marve was all over the field last November, he will be a tough replacement for Vanderbilt.

Most Important Returning Player
Jordan Rodgers, Aaron’s little brother split time with then-senior Larry Smith, Rodgers had a firm grip on the starting job by the end of the season. It’s his team now, and with an entire offseason as the 1st teamer, there is no reason to think he will regress.

Highest Ranked Recruit
Andrew Jelks- Offensive Tackle, Paris, TN. This is a bitter note for Vol fans, Jelks was committed to UT for quite some time. He was turned off by something in Derek Dooley’s program, depending on your take of message boards he may have been “scared” of the Vols’ depth chart. It’s difficult to say if that’s true, only Jelks and his family know. But for UT to lose a marquee in-state recruit certainly hurts.
Most Important Off-Season Acquisition.

The new uniforms will garner much attention, I will let you form your own opinions.

Biggest Game
I think for anybody in the Vanderbilt program, they would say they have November 17th circled. That’s when Tennessee comes to Nashville. James Franklin moaned and whined about the officiating at the end of the UT-VU game. Was a whistle blown? Yep. Did Eric Gordon’s knee hit the ground? Nope. Was the correct call made? I think so. Vanderbilt is itching for payback, I doubt they get it.
Projected Record
Vs South Carolina – L
At Northwestern- W
Vs Presbyterian – W
At Georgia-L
At Missouri- L
Vs Florida – L
Vs Auburn – L
Vs Massachusetts- W
At Kentucky- W
At Ole Miss- W
Vs Tennessee- L
At Wake Forest – W
Final record 6-6