Oh boy. Can I just repost what I wrote last week? Same old same old for the 2012 version of the Volunteers.

The Good:

Oh my, is this offense explosive. This team can score in buckets. They are averaging nearly 38 points a game. It’s so good, and so fun to watch. I’ve been down on Tyler Bray at times this year. I’ve also been down a few times on Justin Hunter. Early in the season I was down on the offensive line, but those gentlemen are now the core of this team. I really can’t find much to gripe with on offense. They did turn the ball over once, but that kind of stuff happens.  It didn’t cost UT this game. The offense boasts all kinds of play-makers. Cordarrelle Patterson is a human highlight real. Marlin Lane is turning into a tough between-the-tackles guy. They are so much fun to watch. Also, even though it should never have come to that, Tyler Drummer’s touchdown was super awesome.


Also, just so I am not a broken record. In the first half the Tennessee defense played well. There I said it. It wasn’t awful.

The Bad:

Tennessee’s defense from literally the first play of the third quarter until the end of the game. Missouri’s offense has been mediocre at best during SEC play, and sometimes downright dismal. In the second half James Franklin looked like a different quarterback than the guy who was getting beaten up by Bama, and Georgia.

The Ugly:

The inexplicable decision to not attempt to score at the end of regulation, and the fact that it came down to that. So ugly.