Boy- wow. Hmmm. This edition could be summed up in a few phrases. Good offense, bad defense, ugly crowd. But, why are these things in these particular categories.

The Good

Holy Offense Batman! Whenever you are breaking Peyton Manning’s records at Tennessee good things are happening on that side of the ball. Tyler Bray continued his mastery of poor defenses. 29-47 530 yards and 0 touchdowns. That’s getting it done. I don’t care who you are.

Justin Hunter had 181 yards and three touchdowns receiving. Cordarrelle Patterson had a touchdown and 219 yards receiving. The best game for a receiving duo in school history.

The Volunteer offense racked up 718 yards of offense on the ground.

Marlin Lane looked like the back I thought he would be coming out of high school. This young man had a career-high 135 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. Lane has shown power between the tackles, and while he is not the blazer that maybe Rajion Neal or Devrin Young are, he is a tough runner. UT needs more tough runners.

Finally on the good. A standing ovation to Juwuan James, Zach Fulton, James Stone, Dallas Thomas, Tiny Richardson, and Sam Pittman. None of the above numbers are possible without the fine contributions of these young men.

The Bad

Pretty much take the opposite of everything I previously wrote just now, and mark it down for the defense.

The Vols gave up 721 yards to Troy.  I am not even going to acknowledge the players responsible for this. That’s a team collapse.

Sal Sunseri and Derek Dooley need to go. No excuses fellas, just leave.

The Ugly

The crowds at Neyland Stadium on Saturday. I am sure Dave Hart noticed. I would assume Jimmy Cheek noticed. There are rumors out there that UT cannot afford to buy out Dooley and his staff. Can they afford more Saturdays like this past week? What kind of crowds are they expecting for Mizzou and Kentucky? If anybody thinks the Vols are gonna pull 100,000 for those games, pass me whatever you are smoking. The time has come UT. The time has come.