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While everyone was preparing for the Tennessee-Florida kickoff on Saturday afternoon, was reporting that the Nashville sports talk veteran, George Plaster, is leaving 104.5 The Zone.
EFS will continue to update the situation as the story develops.

If the 231 reports coming out of every news outlet south of the Mason-Dixon Line are true, Texas A&M appears set to join the SEC by Wednesday. We’ve talked about it until we’re blue in the face, but I

Jerry Dome could be next home for SEC Championship Game

think the BIG 12 needs to call in the family.  As prepared as everyone thinks they are for this, dreams of what-ifs and maybes are about to become hard facts.

There are a number of things that will change in the SEC if A&M’s marriage with the SEC is in fact official.  It would make sense to assume the quickest change will be the SEC’s status moving from a 13-team league to a 14-team league. There’s no way this will work with 13 teams, so I’m assuming this will at least be a 14-league team in 2012.  I’m going to assume team No. 14 is Virginia Tech.

By adding Texas A&M, Dallas will supplant Atlanta as the top television market in the SEC.  Nielsen rates Dallas the 5th biggest market and Atlanta as the 8th. With a league spread from Virginia to Dallas, common sense points us to the need for two SEC Championship Game sites.

Well, this is what one oil mogul in Texas will argue.

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A.J. McCarron has proven he is Alabama’s quarterback after one game.  Phillip Sims is going to be great one day, but as of September 4, 2011, A.J. McCarron has it.  

A question I asked myself over and over yesterday was, “Could Sims have done what McCarron did if he had the opportunity to start the game and set the tone?”  For now, we don’t know.  What we do know is Sims looked a step slow. He looked – hold on tight to your ‘Bama shaker for this one – like a freshman.

We all know that Sims is only a semester behind McCarron as far as time spent with the team, but he’s a full season behind when it comes to smelling the grass while the game clock is running.  Sims isn’t bad.  He’s just not the better quarterback. Yet.

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Practice? Practice. We're talking about practice, man. Practice.

Duron Carter has reported to Alabama’s practice field for the first time all season.

All is well.

"Yeah. I know what play is coming."

Julio had a great career at Alabama, but it seemed the ‘Tide always had a difficult time using him to his full ability. Once I looked at these three videos, it was obvious that we didn’t go to the television booth enough. It’s scary how many times McElroy and Julio responded to the voices in the booth.

The first video is Julio’s catch against Arkansas in 2009 on the trick play out of the Wildcat Formation. Gary Danielson circles Julio on the screen so that McElroy could better see him.  Boom.

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An Alabama fan can look at a Tennessee fan today and say, “I know.”

This is the exact moment Tennessee's athletic department became cursed.

Alabama has lived through all this before – minus the Pat Summitt news.

The Vols’ biggest problem was taking too long to recognize that it was time for Phillip Fulmer the coach to step down.  The next biggest problem was once they realized it was time to move on, Tennessee cut his legs out from under him and tried to take the program in an entirely different direction in hopes of getting away from the Fulmer Culture.

Like Tennessee, ‘Bama did the same thing seven years earlier when they finally decided that the hiring process needed to consist of more than considering anyone that inhaled secondhand smoke from one of Paul “Bear” Bryant’s  Chesterfields. 

The ‘Tide brought in Dennis Franchione because he was simply a good coach and was best suited for the job. Nothing else.  Problem is, the “How To Run a Southern Football Team” manual doesn’t come with a section on “Hiring Outside the Family.” 

Franchione was great.  He was a no-nonsense coach.  He wasn’t family. He was just a good coach who wanted results.  Alabama was back.  Well, they were back until Franchione was offered a job at Texas A&M and left town quicker than you can say, “Logan Young, Albert Means, and NCAA probation.”

Tennessee tried to hire outside the family and found a guy that seemed to be perfect.  Lane Kiffin – everyone get on Lane Train.  Kiffin was the exact opposite of Fulmer.  He was mentioned in hip hop songs with references to weed and such.  He brought excitement.  He brought cocky back.  He was offered his dream job in Southern California and left town.  Oops.  continue reading…

Saving college football's seedy soul

As I listened to Nashville talk radio station 104.5 The Zone today on the commute home from work, I heard the best prediction of what is to come in the world of college football. Former Tennessee  assistant coach Doug Matthews is on The Sports Zone with George Plaster and Willy Daunic for a little over an hour every Friday afternoon during college football season.

Many callers were bringing up the same regurgitated info when Matthews said something that many have said many times except this time it made sense.  He mentioned super conferences that paid players.  Wow! Ground breaking.  But then he continued to outline the following:

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I can catch pretty well.

Chris Black, the third-ranked wide receiver in the 2012 class according to ESPU ratings, selected Alabama over Florida State.

Black made his decision live on College Football Blitz on ESPU. Black is rated the number-29 overall player in the ESPU 150 rankings.

Black is a much-needed piece of good news for the Tide in recruiting after they have seen Florida State steal QB Jameis Winston from Hueytown and Indiana keep QB Gunner Kiel in the state.

Chris Black is only engaged to the Tide. He can change his mind 45 times between now and signing day in February.

This commitment won’t give ‘Bama fans reason to forget Julio Jones if Black does indeed walk down the aisle with the Tide in February, but he’s a great start to the second-generation of wide receivers in the Saban era.

"Coach... What are your thoughts on punching puppies in the throat?"

The dog days of summer are almost over and all the talk will finally subside to make way for actual football. What better way to kick off fall practice than to take a game-by-game look at Alabama’s 2011 schedule? We won’t be splitting the atom or analyzing the depth chart by any means. It’s just another opportunity for many ‘Bama fans to see a light at the end of a tunnel that’s been void of light since April 27.

Go ahead Tide fans. Put on your crimson colored glasses and look into the future to see what it’s going to take for Nick Saban to hoist the crystal football and be number one once again.

**The crystal football trophy will not be for sale on this site if won by Alabama**

2011 Alabama Crimson Tide Football Schedule

09/03/11 Kent State – The healing can officially begin for Tide fans devastated by the April tornadoes. Bama wins 52-0

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Raise your hand if you think your team will be staring at this in Atlanta - Not you, Cowbell fan.

We are only 33 days away from kickoff of the 2011 SEC football season. By only, I mean it’s still two eternities until the Thursday night Kentucky versus Western Kentucky game that will officially signal the beginning of the season at LP Field in Nashville. While we await September’s arrival like a child counting down to Christmas, let’s take a look at what may happen and what games will matter in 2011.

Biggest Upset – October 29 – Vanderbilt over Arkansas in Nashville
In a game overshadowed by the annual “No Longer Allowed to be Referred to as the World’s Largest Cocktail Party” in Jacksonville, Vandy gives Arkansas a crushing defeat and all but kills any chance the Hogs have at winning the West. Tim Brando stays busy for the first quarter of the Georgia-Florida clash with updates from the CBS Studios in New York. The ‘Dores do just enough to hang around and the Arkansas offense can never quite catch on fire as James Franklin gets an early signature win as Vanderbilt head coach. VU 21 ARK 19

Best Game – September 24 – Alabama over Arkansas in Tuscaloosa
Don’t be surprised if this game goes to overtime. These two teams played post-fourth quarter football in 2003 and 2006. Arkansas won both. Redshirt sophomore quarterback Tyler Wilson gets hot on a great Alabama defense. Alabama’s offense softens up Arkansas with the run and attacks through the air. Alabama uses three quarterbacks to pull out this CBS classic. BAMA 51 ARK 41

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