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Four star cornerback Kenneth Crawley of Washington, DC publicly chose the University of Tennessee today. Crawley had twenty-five offers on the table. Among them: Arkansas, Clemson, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, South Carolina and Virginia Tech.
Crawley is a big corner, and we all know Derek Dooley’s continued goal of getting bigger across the field. It’s also nice to see a few more stars by a kid who could’ve gone pretty much wherever he wanted.
Welcome to Big Orange Country Kenneth!

The newest member of UT's 2012 signing class

As ugly as it was, may the Music City Bowl have been a blessing in disguise? Think about where UT may have been had it won the Music City Bowl. Tyler Bray would be 5-0 as a starter, and the throat slashing gestures, and brashness may have gotten worse.

If losing the Music City Bowl gets rid of this, it was worth it.

Janzen Jackson may have stayed in school all spring, and not gotten his personal issues addressed. It’s fun to be with your teammates after a win. Tauren Poole may not have the 2,000 yard goal. (Kinda insane, but it does gives im a clear goal, nothing wrong with being focused.) Losing should have made the competitive fires burn all spring.

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Camp begins tomorrow for the University of Tennessee, there are a few notes of interest. To wit:

*Toney Williams is transferring
*CJ Fleming is simply not invited to camp
*DT Arthur Jeffrey who was told to go home after spring practice to determine whether or not he wanted to make the commitment to be on the team is back on the roster
*Austin Johnson will be punished internally but is practicing with the team and will be available for the first game.  Coach Dooley said he was a great senior leader all through camp and made a mistake that was uncharacteristic.
*Ben Martin is back and will be eased into action.
*Jacques Smith is full-go.
*Antonio “Tiny” Richardson will be limited to start practice after still recovering from shoulder surgery but is expected to be full go.
*Janzen Jackson is ready and raring to go and expects to start immediately.
*Tino Thomas and Waldo Orta neither are on the opening roster. They are both recovering from shoulder injuries and Dooley said they have a week to determine which of them will grayshirt.

It's almost football time in Tennessee

Coming to an end zone near you!

UT got it’s twelfth commitment of the 2012 recruiting class when Knoxville West kicker George Bullock called Jim Chaney today and committed. Bullock’s only other main offer was from the Naval Academy.
UT has had a strong history of kickers including, but not limited to, Fuad Reveiz, John Beksvoort, Jeff Hall, and James Wilhoit. Since Wilhoit left it’s been up in the air. The jury is still out on Mike Palardy though.
Bullock’s best skill is his ability to put 86% of his kickoffs in the end-zone. That % includes onside kicks. For those who are accustomed to UT’s recent inability to force a touchback, that’s welcome news. It also helps perception wise to see that Derek Dooley¬†and company are interested in local products.
Welcome to Big Orange Country George!

The newest member of the SEC East?

There were some rumblings in the past week about SEC expansion. Specifically, Texas A&M and Oklahoma are interested in joining the greatest conference in the world, and get away from the Texas 12. A fourteen team SEC would make a strong conference even stronger. However, Oklahoma isn’t coming without Oklahoma State, and a fifteen team conference makes no sense. So we at 3SIB had an interesting debate on who that elusive sixteenth team would be. The top candidates: Clemson, Florida State, USF, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Kansas, and Virginia Tech.

Clemson doesn’t really add anything other than an SEC quality stadium and fan-base. Florida isn’t going to want to lose the in-state recruiting advantage so FSU and USF are out. Louisville and Georgia Tech both make geographic sense, but what do they really add? Kansas-Kentucky would be the premier regular season basketball rivalry in the country, but let’s not kid ourselves, we live in a football world. That leaves Virginia Tech. Not only do the Hokies pack a strong football punch, but for the conference it adds the huge Virginia-DC-Baltimore market into the league. It’s a win-win.

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