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Tennessee and Alabama both had easy games on Saturday. Oh, wait, UT didn’t? They were tied with Akron at the half? Hmmm? They won right? Ok. Well then on to the week 4 reviews to see how bad Steve and I were this week. Florida Atlantic at Alabama Steve Says: Four weeks in and the […]

Well that was … thorough. Let’s get to it, shall we? The Good Back to back shutouts. Question the quality of the opponent if you like, but the Tide hasn’t shutout two opponents in consecutive weeks since Coach Bryant was on the sidelines. When you consider they did so despite playing literally everyone that made […]

We made the predictions, now we have to face them. How did Mike and I do in week two? Tennessee vs. Georgia State in Knoxville What Mike Said: Not much to see here. This game is over almost before it begins. The defense looks better, but it should. It’s Georgia State. Tennessee 56 – Georgia […]

Huge thanks to Bama Hammer for finding and posting this clip of all twelve of TJ Yeldon’s touches against Michigan. Those folks over there are doing some great work (the Weekly Auburn Moment of Zen is appointment reading). First the video, and then a little breakdown after the jump: (if the embed doesn’t work as […]

We made the predictions, now we have to face them. How did Mike and I do in week one? Tennessee vs. NC State in Atlanta What Mike Said: The season kicks off, where so many Tennessee seasons have died: The Georgia Dome. Two offenses come out firing, and two defenses really don’t know what they’re […]

I am grateful for all the talking heads who want to extrapolate out a season’s worth of results from the outcome of Saturday’s games. It gives us something to discuss and argue about and generally occupy ourselves with until we can spend a few hours watching real football again next weekend. But conjecture is not […]

We did this last year, and I don’t know if anyone else liked it, but Mike and I did, so we’re bringing it back! We’ll go through each game of the season and make our predictions for how the year will play out for both Alabama and Tennessee. Then each week, we’ll review our predictions […]

Today we review the twelfth SEC team in our series, the LSU Tigers. Other reviews so far: Kentucky Ole Miss Vanderbilt Mississippi State Missouri Texas A&M South Carolina Auburn Florida Arkansas Georgia LSU Tennessee

Saturday was awesome for a half. I wasn’t sure of a victory at any point Saturday, but I liked the way we competed in the first half in that hostile environment. 6-6 at the half…and we’ll stop there. Now on to the good, bad and ugly. The Good Mike Palardy had his best game ever […]