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Tennessee enters the meat of it’s schedule. I can’t think of another program who consistently has the October slate that the Volunteers get in the SEC. So many teams have their huge games in November, but for UT, October is prime time. So we have a prime time set of Dooleyisms as we wrap up […]

This week’s Dooleyisms have a melancholy tone. But, they also have a silver lining. There is room for improvement, and there are nine games left. It’s only September 17th, Happy Constitution Day everybody. On “Most” of the Florida game: We had a great game going as we all now. Sitting there in the third quarter, […]

I have spent a lot of time in the last 36 hours trying to figure out how to analyze this game. Dooley always says “It’s never as good as it seems; it’s never as bad as it seems”. So I have been trying to keep that in mind. After some self-reflection, maybe I was more […]

We made the predictions, now we have to face them. How did Mike and I do in week two? Tennessee vs. Georgia State in Knoxville What Mike Said: Not much to see here. This game is over almost before it begins. The defense looks better, but it should. It’s Georgia State. Tennessee 56 – Georgia […]

Dooleyisms are back. Not the most exciting edition when you blow a team out 51-13, and you don’t want to give Florida any bulletin board material. On Kickers: This week, we plan on kicking Derrick Brodus starting out as long as things stay the same during the week. I still believe in Mike [Palardy] but […]

We made the predictions, now we have to face them. How did Mike and I do in week one? Tennessee vs. NC State in Atlanta What Mike Said: The season kicks off, where so many Tennessee seasons have died: The Georgia Dome. Two offenses come out firing, and two defenses really don’t know what they’re […]

We did this last year, and I don’t know if anyone else liked it, but Mike and I did, so we’re bringing it back! We’ll go through each game of the season and make our predictions for how the year will play out for both Alabama and Tennessee. Then each week, we’ll review our predictions […]

The first presser of the 2012 season happened yesterday. Among the topics: Roster changes, recruits, injuries and practice.   On Roster Changes: A couple of roster updates that will be different from what you’ve seen recently… We have four new faces you’ll notice on there. C.P. (Cordarrelle Patterson), we’ll just say C.P. from now on […]

Three-Star linebacker Kenneth Bynum of Jacksonville became the 22nd and final piece of Derek Dooley’s class. Bynum was a long-time commit to Cincinnati, and didn’t pick up his Volunteer offer until the de-commitments from Dalton Santos and Otha Peters came in. The Volunteers offered late in the game, and Bynum didn’t even visit until after […]

Over the weekend, one of the best corners in the Southeast, four-star corner Deion Bonner, of Columbus, GA made his verbal pledge to the University of Tennessee. From a purely football standpoint Bonner is a no-brainer addition to Derek Dooley’s class of 2012, he is a multi-talented, big, corner who could compete for playing time […]