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Hopefully there is some concrete coaching news to report this week. Hopefully that is as soon as Friday. Until then, here is the last regular season edition of the blogpoll MIike Mozingo Ballot – Week 14 Rank Team Delta 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 2 Alabama Crimson Tide – 3 Georgia Bulldogs 1 4 […]

The 2012 Tennessee Volunteer football season concluded on Saturday. The Vols won’t see the field for 278 more days. That’s a long long time. Hopefully soon there will be some tangible news on who the next coach will be for the University of Tennessee. But until we get something tangible…let’s review one final time. The […]

Kentucky’s Good, Bad and Ugly to follow soon. Not a lot of change from last week. MIike Mozingo Ballot – Week 13 Rank Team Delta 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish – 2 Alabama Crimson Tide – 3 Oregon Ducks – 4 Georgia Bulldogs 1 5 Florida Gators 2 6 Ohio St. Buckeyes 3 7 Kansas […]


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No more Rommel, barbershop poles, no more “dumbass” remarks. It’s a sad day at 3sib. No more Dooleyisms. But never fear.Athletic Director Dave Hart spoke, so we have a batch of Hartisms to throw at you. On Derek Dooley Thank you for showing up on short notice. As you are well aware by now, I […]

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Dave Hart-isms to follow later today. But first here’s the most current look at the blogpoll. It appears that the Bama-UGA winner has a clear shot at the BCS national title game assuming the win their rivalry games this weekend. MIike Mozingo Ballot – Week 12 Rank Team Delta 1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2 […]

Press Conference at 2pm. It’s doubtful the next coach will be introduced. Right now I have no solid source on anything. Hiring time-line, who the next guy is etc. When I know, you’ll know. The List According to the Knoxville News Sentinel.   John GrudenĀ (I’ll believe it when I see him sitting next to Dave […]

I incorrectly guessed that the Final Dooleyisms were going to be South Carolina week. We’ve had a couple of editions since. I still am wondering how many of these we’re gonna have. This one was tough to listen to and watch. He seems weary of the stress. Which is reasonable. That being said, I think […]

Oh boy. Can I just repost what I wrote last week? Same old same old for the 2012 version of the Volunteers. The Good: Oh my, is this offense explosive. This team can score in buckets. They are averaging nearly 38 points a game. It’s so good, and so fun to watch. I’ve been down […]

No fear SEC fans there is still a long long way to go. I don’t see Oregon losing, but I don’t see K-State and Notre Dame going undefeated. That will set up a show-down between the SECCG winner (Most likely Bama and Georgia) against Oregon for all the marbles. MIike Mozingo Ballot – Week 11 […]

Boy- wow. Hmmm. This edition could be summed up in a few phrases. Good offense, bad defense, ugly crowd. But, why are these things in these particular categories. The Good Holy Offense Batman! Whenever you are breaking Peyton Manning’s records at Tennessee good things are happening on that side of the ball. Tyler Bray continued […]