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Saturday was the Third Saturday in October, and unfortunately, like it has been since 2006, the Tennessee Volunteers ended up on the wrong side of a 44-13 beat down. So on to the the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.   The Good: Alabama sports one of the bet defenses in the nation, and in […]

Tennessee and Alabama both had easy games on Saturday. Oh, wait, UT didn’t? They were tied with Akron at the half? Hmmm? They won right? Ok. Well then on to the week 4 reviews to see how bad Steve and I were this week. Florida Atlantic at Alabama Steve Says: Four weeks in and the […]

Saturday was awesome for a half. I wasn’t sure of a victory at any point Saturday, but I liked the way we competed in the first half in that hostile environment. 6-6 at the half…and we’ll stop there. Now on to the good, bad and ugly. The Good Mike Palardy had his best game ever […]

When two rivals get together, and go back and forth, and each team is sure that it’s going to win, and each team is sure it’s going to lose, it’s a game to remember. When a game features several momentum shifts and Verne Lundquist messes up names for both teams…you know you have something special. […]

It’s the week of Tennessee-Alabama, one of the most iconic Southern college football rivalries. Monday I discussed 1998 as my third favorite installment of UT-UA. Today I move to my second: 1986 Alabama 56-28 1987 Alabama 41-22 1988 Alabama 28-20 1989 Alabama 47-30 1990 Alabama 9-6 1991 Alabama 24-19 1992 Alabama 17-10 1993 17-17 tie. […]

It’s nearly October, and even though on-the-field discussion is heating up, especially with conference play looming, college football realignment has stolen more than it’s share of headlines. Steve and I had an interesting email conversation that we thought we would share here: Steve,  With the rapid-fire news of Syracuse and Pittsburgh going to the ACC, […]

A.J. McCarron has proven he is Alabama’s quarterback after one game.  Phillip Sims is going to be great one day, but as of September 4, 2011, A.J. McCarron has it.   A question I asked myself over and over yesterday was, “Could Sims have done what McCarron did if he had the opportunity to start […]

Duron Carter has reported to Alabama’s practice field for the first time all season. All is well.

Julio had a great career at Alabama, but it seemed the ‘Tide always had a difficult time using him to his full ability. Once I looked at these three videos, it was obvious that we didn’t go to the television booth enough. It’s scary how many times McElroy and Julio responded to the voices in […]

An Alabama fan can look at a Tennessee fan today and say, “I know.” Alabama has lived through all this before – minus the Pat Summitt news. The Vols’ biggest problem was taking too long to recognize that it was time for Phillip Fulmer the coach to step down.  The next biggest problem was once […]