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I incorrectly guessed that the Final Dooleyisms were going to be South Carolina week. We’ve had a couple of editions since. I still am wondering how many of these we’re gonna have. This one was tough to listen to and watch. He seems weary of the stress. Which is reasonable. That being said, I think […]

Oh boy. Can I just repost what I wrote last week? Same old same old for the 2012 version of the Volunteers. The Good: Oh my, is this offense explosive. This team can score in buckets. They are averaging nearly 38 points a game. It’s so good, and so fun to watch. I’ve been down […]

Boy- wow. Hmmm. This edition could be summed up in a few phrases. Good offense, bad defense, ugly crowd. But, why are these things in these particular categories. The Good Holy Offense Batman! Whenever you are breaking Peyton Manning’s records at Tennessee good things are happening on that side of the ball. Tyler Bray continued […]

So obviously last week wasn’t the final Dooleyisms. This week’s Dooleyisms is kinda bi-polar. Offensively, the man was reasonably pleased. Defensively not so much. Just like the rest of Volunteer nation. On The Defense: Of course defense, a lot of problems that haven’t gone away. You look at the first half and we gave up […]

Johnny Majors met his end after the South Carolina game in 1992. Phil Fulmer met his end after the South Carolina game in 2008. Is Derek Dooley next? Can he survive a drop to 3-5. I guess that will remain to be seen.  Dooley himself said they have one more shot against a top 10 […]

It’s Mississippi State week, and the best I can figure is that this is the most important game on the schedule. Most Vol fans I have talked to seem to think 8-4 is enough for him to return to Knoxville. Alabama and South Carolina still loom this month. So is this the most important game […]

A short but sweet edition of the Dooleyisms. This week we learn that older more mature players are better than immature players, who’s playing well, and who’s not.   On the Bye Week I feel pretty good about how we handled the open date. I feel like we got a lot accomplished. We worked them […]

Tennessee enters the meat of it’s schedule. I can’t think of another program who consistently has the October slate that the Volunteers get in the SEC. So many teams have their huge games in November, but for UT, October is prime time. So we have a prime time set of Dooleyisms as we wrap up […]

This week’s Dooleyisms have a melancholy tone. But, they also have a silver lining. There is room for improvement, and there are nine games left. It’s only September 17th, Happy Constitution Day everybody. On “Most” of the Florida game: We had a great game going as we all now. Sitting there in the third quarter, […]

Dooleyisms are back. Not the most exciting edition when you blow a team out 51-13, and you don’t want to give Florida any bulletin board material. On Kickers: This week, we plan on kicking Derrick Brodus starting out as long as things stay the same during the week. I still believe in Mike [Palardy] but […]