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It’s back! Regular season Dooleyisms. They’ve been gone too long. This week’s agenda includes, Herman Lathers, Zach Fulton, Zach Rogers, the Mollygrubs and First Down Production. On Keys to the Game: When you look at the three big factors of winning and losing that I always emphasize are big plays, turnovers and fourth quarter. On […]

Signing Day is upon us once again. In the last couple of days UT did lose two highly ranked recruits: Dalton Santos to Texas, which was his boyhood dream, and Otha Peters who, rightly or not, is concerned about Derek Dooley’s job situation, and signed with Arkansas. But today is not for that. Today is […]

I’ve been busy at work the last few weeks, and I thought about blogging a couple of times, but personally I prefer to blog on facts as opposed to rumors. Sal Sunseri and Sam Pittman were both hired this week, and by the time I had a chance to write, Derek Dooley stepped up and […]

I haven’t been doing much posting recently, and for that I apologize, I am sure you all missed me. There have been several mumblings around Rocky Top, DeAnthony Arnett and Justin Wilcox are gone, and somebody will replace each of them. Who those people are remain to be seen. So let’s start 2012 off right […]

Dooleyisms….man I will be sad to see these go. We only have another week left in the regular season. I want a bowl for so many reasons, but this is a big one for me. It’s my favorite spot of the week. On Dealing with adversity: I think the biggest difference in the game was […]

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Today we get Dooleyisms part 2: You have to at least watch through the 8 minute mark. You will not be disappointed.

Yesterday I struggled with finding positives in the Arkansas game. I still don’t think there are a lot of positives from that particular game. But, I am an orange homer, and all I needed to get my mind right, was a good dose of Dooleyisms. This week did not disappoint. On Tyler Bray: I guess […]

It’s Tuesday, so that means we have some Dooleyisms to deal with today. He started slow this week, but he put it into high gear. Without further ado: On Game Balls: We gave players of the week to two guys. On offense, Justin (Worley) and Da’Rick (Rogers). Justin really played well and played like we’d […]

Another Tuesday, another round of Dooleyisms: This is one of the few things that can make a loss bearable: On South Carolina     Brent Brewer tore his ACL so he is out for the year. (It’s) unfortunate, but we have to put the next guy in and go play. We are going to start […]

Another Tuesday, another round of Dooleyisms. Let’s get to it: On New Starters: From a personnel standpoint, we are going to keep tinkering around in the secondary because we just aren’t playing as good as we need to be. Prentiss (Waggner) and Izauea (Lanier) will still be out there at corner starting out with (Brian) […]