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The Vols had a late kickoff Saturday in Starkville, MS. I didn’t fall asleep until well after 2am after the 41-31 loss. So many thoughts were swirling through my head. I am trying to figure out what part of UT’s recent past is because of Derek Dooley, or in spite of him. I am still […]

It’s Mississippi State week, and the best I can figure is that this is the most important game on the schedule. Most Vol fans I have talked to seem to think 8-4 is enough for him to return to Knoxville. Alabama and South Carolina still loom this month. So is this the most important game […]

A short but sweet edition of the Dooleyisms. This week we learn that older more mature players are better than immature players, who’s playing well, and who’s not.   On the Bye Week I feel pretty good about how we handled the open date. I feel like we got a lot accomplished. We worked them […]

Saturday the Vols traveled to Athens, it started out BAD. Like, I actually considered turning off the tv bad. With five minutes to go in the first half Tennessee was down 27-10, and Cordarrelle Patterson had dropped a sure touchdown, and from that point on Tennessee made a game of it. It wasn’t a win, […]

Tennessee and Alabama both had easy games on Saturday. Oh, wait, UT didn’t? They were tied with Akron at the half? Hmmm? They won right? Ok. Well then on to the week 4 reviews to see how bad Steve and I were this week. Florida Atlantic at Alabama Steve Says: Four weeks in and the […]

Tennessee enters the meat of it’s schedule. I can’t think of another program who consistently has the October slate that the Volunteers get in the SEC. So many teams have their huge games in November, but for UT, October is prime time. So we have a prime time set of Dooleyisms as we wrap up […]

After a shockingly close first half, the Tennessee Volunteers out scored the Akron Zips 24-3 in the second half for a 47-26 victory. There was a lot to like, and a lot to dislike in this game for all parties. The Good Offensively Tennessee gained 633 yards. 633 yards! That’s the first time since 2004 […]

This week’s Dooleyisms have a melancholy tone. But, they also have a silver lining. There is room for improvement, and there are nine games left. It’s only September 17th, Happy Constitution Day everybody. On “Most” of the Florida game: We had a great game going as we all now. Sitting there in the third quarter, […]

I have spent a lot of time in the last 36 hours trying to figure out how to analyze this game. Dooley always says “It’s never as good as it seems; it’s never as bad as it seems”. So I have been trying to keep that in mind. After some self-reflection, maybe I was more […]

Doesn’t this week just feel right? Giddy anticipation, two top-25 teams, clashing at night in Neyland Stadium. College Gameday will be there. It’s a good week to be Vol fan. We are gonna break this one down;  see who has the upper hand, position by position. Each team has played an automatic qualifier school (NC […]