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… It seems they’ve come up with the 11th Commandment. HT: Tom Fornelli

If the 231 reports coming out of every news outlet south of the Mason-Dixon Line are true, Texas A&M appears set to join the SEC by Wednesday. We’ve talked about it until we’re blue in the face, but I think the BIG 12 needs to call in the family.  As prepared as everyone thinks they […]

An Alabama fan can look at a Tennessee fan today and say, “I know.” Alabama has lived through all this before – minus the Pat Summitt news. The Vols’ biggest problem was taking too long to recognize that it was time for Phillip Fulmer the coach to step down.  The next biggest problem was once […]

As I listened to Nashville talk radio station 104.5 The Zone today on the commute home from work, I heard the best prediction of what is to come in the world of college football. Former Tennessee  assistant coach Doug Matthews is on The Sports Zone with George Plaster and Willy Daunic for a little over an […]

There were some rumblings in the past week about SEC expansion. Specifically, Texas A&M and Oklahoma are interested in joining the greatest conference in the world, and get away from the Texas 12. A fourteen team SEC would make a strong conference even stronger. However, Oklahoma isn’t coming without Oklahoma State, and a fifteen team […]