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Saturday was awesome for a half. I wasn’t sure of a victory at any point Saturday, but I liked the way we competed in the first half in that hostile environment. 6-6 at the half…and we’ll stop there. Now on to the good, bad and ugly. The Good Mike Palardy had his best game ever […]

When two rivals get together, and go back and forth, and each team is sure that it’s going to win, and each team is sure it’s going to lose, it’s a game to remember. When a game features several momentum shifts and Verne Lundquist messes up names for both teams…you know you have something special. […]

It’s the week of Tennessee-Alabama, one of the most iconic Southern college football rivalries. Monday I discussed 1998 as my third favorite installment of UT-UA. Today I move to my second: 1986 Alabama 56-28 1987 Alabama 41-22 1988 Alabama 28-20 1989 Alabama 47-30 1990 Alabama 9-6 1991 Alabama 24-19 1992 Alabama 17-10 1993 17-17 tie. […]

I never knew how big of an Alabama football fan I was until I moved to Tennessee. I had always pulled for Alabama as a child, but it wasn’t until I moved from the safe confines of God’s state to the place of Volunteers and shirts and hats that resemble an orange with the stomach […]